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In 2019, we saw that electing strong, progressive candidates for local office is possible!


This year, the Grosse Pointe Democratic Club is putting together a campaign strategy that is based on running good, forward-thinking candidates for local office in all five of the Pointes and Harper Woods. We need to end the cycle of having uncontested local elections and elect people that will help move our community forward! Are you interested in being a part of this effort?

Candidate Guide

For prospective candidates, we have put together this handy guide to provide some basic information you need to know ahead of this year's local elections, such as petition requirements, filing deadlines, and more. Click the link below to access this document:

Run For Something! 2021 Municipal Edition

Candidate Training Events

In addition to our informational guide, we held a candidate training event titled "Running For Office 101" on Saturday, March 20 at 10:30am. View the presentation slides and video recording at the links below. Stay tuned for more events in the future!

Presentation Slides

YouTube Video

Step-by-Step Success

Step 1) Determine whether you qualify for the office you wish to seek.

We can help you determine this with our Run For Something! 2021 Municipal Edition guide. Still, it is always best to contact your respective City Clerk's Office directly to learn about all necessary requirements.

Step 2) File and submit all candidate paperwork.

Get all the paperwork you need to officially file as a candidate for public office from your respective City Clerk's Office. In all of the Pointes and Harper Woods, you will have to get a certain number of signatures on a petition in order to file successfully. Be mindful of filing deadlines!

Step 3) Get up-to-date on the issues of your community.

Each municipality shares similar state and regional issues, yet also, each municipality deals with its own unique set of challenges too. Make sure you're fully in-the-know regarding what's going on in your community. One of the best ways to do this is to attend City Council meetings regularly.

Step 4) Fundraise and build your campaign.

To be successful, you will need to build a comprehensive campaign apparatus to help you get your name out there and gain the support of your neighbors. This includes a campaign website, social media pages, literature, lawn signs, and a whole lot more. Most of these things will cost you some money, so you need to make sure you're hitting your fundraising goals. Further, we know you can't do all of this by yourself. It is imperative that you put together a strong team of your closest allies to help you campaign toward victory.

Step 5) Make contact with voters through a field operation.

In 2019, we found out that this was the single most important part of running a successful local campaign here in the Pointes. A field operation consists of door-knocking, phone-banking, holding candidate meet-and-greets, and more. Making direct contact with voters is the best way to gain support in your community. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of these activities are more difficult than they used to be, but rest assured, candidates all across the country in 2020 ran innovate campaigns using new ways of reaching voters.

*Bonus Step) Apply for the GP Dems endorsement.

Our strategy is to find candidates in all five of the Pointes and Harper Woods to run for these local offices this year and help them win! Anyone can view our handy guide and attend our first training event, but it will be up to you to apply for and earn the full endorsement of our Club when the elections start heating up. Endorsees will get access to much more information, resources, and manpower as we get closer to Election Day, which can certainly make the difference between triumph and defeat. View our endorsement webpage below:

Candidates or prospective candidates interested in learning more can contact 2nd Vice President Colton Dale at

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