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Our various committees are what keep this Club strong and running smoothly. To join any one of our committees, you must be a dues-paying general member of the Club, but you do not have to be an Executive Board member. Take a look at the list below to see what you might like to get involved in. To learn more about or inquire about getting involved in any of the committees, email


Finance Committee

  • Co-Chairs: Chris Keelean & Olivia Coleman

  • Tasked with managing the Club's finances, including revenues and expenditures.

Nominations Committee

  • Chair: Harry Kalogerakos

  • Tasked with overseeing the nominating process for Executive Board members.

Policies & Resolutions Committee

  • Chair: John Clark

  • Tasked with generating relevant policy positions for the Club.

Endorsement Committee

  • Chair: Roland Samaroo

  • Tasked with overseeing endorsement applications from local political candidates.

Communications Committee

  • Co-Chairs: Emily Everett & Colton Dale

  • Tasked with managing the website, social media, newsletter, and more.

Precinct Delegate Committee

  • Chair: Ed Keelean

  • Tasked with engaging and recruiting local Precinct Delegate candidates.

Campaign Planning Committee

  • Co-Chairs: Gary Bresnehan & Jackie Kalogerakos

  • Tasked with planning Club campaign activities, such as opening up a campaign office.

Membership Committee

  • Chair: TBD

  • Tasked with recruiting new Club members and maintaining membership list.

Fundraising Committee

  • Chair: Chris Keelean

  • Tasked with raising funds and planning fundraising events.

Community Service Committee

  • Chair: Valerie Kindle

  • Tasked with planning Club-related volunteer service activities.

By-Laws Committee

  • Chair: Gary Bresnehan

  • Tasked with overseeing and the Club's by-laws.

Social Committee

  • Chair: Jackie Kalogerakos & Shannon Byrne

  • Tasked with planning and overseeing the Club's social events.

Picnic Committee

  • Chair: Chris Keelean & Valerie Kindle

  • Tasked with planning the Club's annual summer picnic event.

Action Committee

  • Chair: Shannon Byrne

  • Tasked with managing a wide array of action items for members to get involved in.

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